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My vision is rooted in . . .
Equitable Education

Fostering culturally relevant and student-centered learning environments for our students to thrive

  • Providing all students an environment that transcends racial or socio-economic differences, allowing them an equitable opportunity to enjoy the freedom to learn.​​

Community-Aligned Engagement

Ensuring student outcomes resonate with the diverse values and aspirations of our community

  • Prioritizing ongoing conversations with students, parents, teachers, staff, and the community to collaborate on resources and policies that support our children’s educational needs.

Student Outcomes Focus

Utilizing the available data to ensure the district provided opportunities close the achievement gap for all students regardless of their zip code

  • Equipping our students with the education and skillsets needed to ensure excellence in both academic and career pursuits; ensuring students have the opportunity to pursue trade school, college, or their other diverse aspirations.

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